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Updated Aug.11,2004

Fall Mice

Mouse with Corn

Horn of Plenty Mouse

Pilgrim Mouse

Native American Mouse

Mouse on Pumpkin

Brown Mouse Behind Pumplin

Mouse on Leaf

Mouse and Basket of Corn

Mouse on Pumpkins

New Years Mice

thanks Sue

12 O'Clock Midnight

Morning-after Mouse

Another Morning-after Mouse

In New Year's Hat

Mouse with clock

Saint Patrick's Day Mice

St. Pat's Day Mouse

Shamrock Mouse

Two Irish Mice

Paddy Mouse with Shamrocks

Under the Shamrock

Valentine Mice

Balloon Mouse

Mouse with Heart

Heart Tail Mouse

Mouse on Heart

Mouse Hug

Kissing Mice

Dreaming of Love

Blowing Love Bubbles

Loving Mice

Bride and Groom Mice

Mouse with Heart Balloon

Valentine Mousegirl

Valentine Flag Mouse

Loving Couple

Gondola Ride

Cheese Valentine

Love Is Their Motto

Cookie Lover

Dreaming of Love

Tiny Mouse

Valentine Message

Mailing Valentines

July 4th Mice

Mouse in Hat


Mouse on Rocket

Halloween Mice

Mouse in Jack-o-lantern

Another Jack-o-lantern Mouse

Mouse with Corn
stained glass

Tiny Mouse with Pumpkin Moon

Mouse Eating Candycorn

Mouse in Skeleton Costume

Mouse in Pumpkin Suit

Another Pumpkin Costume

Masked Mouse

Robin Hood Mouse

Red Devil Mouse

Ghost Mouse

Mouse in Mummy Wrappings

Devil Mouse

Another Ghost Mouse

Candy Apple Mice

Mouse Backgrounds

Merely Mice Background

Mouse and Cheese Border

Girl Mouse Border

Lavender Thistle Mouse

Lady Mouse Background

White Mouse with Pink Cat

And now, back to ordinary mice.

Mouse Butterfly

Mouse Dreaming

Another Dreaming Mouse

Mouse Face

Mouse Girl

Mouse in Flowers

Mouse with flowers

Pops Out of Cheese

Mouse Tooth

Tower of mice

Mrs Mouse

Onion Mice

Pacing Mouse

Party Mice

Phone Mouse

Phone Mouse 2

Pink Ears

Purple Mouse

Beach Mouse

Reading Mouse 2

Reading Mouse 3

Red Mouse

Sad Mouse

Scurry Mouse

Sewing Mouse

Skating Mouse

Slipper Mouse

Smiling Mouse

Speedy Mouse

Stuffed Mouse


Thimble Mouse

Typing Mice


White Mouse

World Mice

XEyed Mouse

Mrs Mouse, a poem

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graphics have been obtained from
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Aunt Katys