Merely Mice

I've hunted thru attics,
storerooms, and walls,
Lurked on dark nights
in the kitchens and halls,
To find and collect these
shy, little mice.
And why? Because I think
that mice are nice.

See page 2
for backgrounds, holidays and other mice.

See page 3
for More Merely Mice.

The little mouse lady in the background
now has a name, Melissa,
and a poem about her.
To read it click HERE

Mouse with Bird

Good Wish for the Week

Trumpeter Mouse

Worried Mouse

(Thank you, Lady Oh)

Mice and Toadstool

Mouse with Books

Mouse on a Stool


(thanks Sue)

Doctor Mouse

Mouse in Sandwichboard

Knight of the Road

Candle-lit nap

Bringing home the berries

Here's the Birthday Cake

Actor Mouse

Cat for Sale

Birthday Mouse

Black Mouse

Cookie Thief

Fiddler Mouse

Good Morning

Jeeter Mouse

Smiling Mouse

Nosy Mouse

Wooden Mouse

one more thanks to Sue
Angel Mouse

Art Mouse

Attic Mice

Baby Mouse 1

Baby Mouse 2

Beach Mouse

Rule Britania

Books Mice

Brown Mouse

Candle Mouse

Cheese Eaters

Another Cheese Eater

Computer Mouse

Dancing Mice

Dancing Mouse

Deer Mouse

Eating Mouse

Flag Waving Mouse

Flower Mouse

Flower Mouse 2

Gray Mouse

Mouse in Green Cape

Happy Mouse

Hiker Mouse

Hat Mouse

Choir Practice

King Mouse

Mad Mouse

Mail Mouse

Looking for a letter
thanks, Sue

Mice In Basket

Hungry Mouse

Mice on Cheese

More Cheese Eaters

Mighty Mouse

Mice Running


Mouse Bar

Mouse Globe by Mimi
thanks Mimi

Mouse Globe by Vicky
thanks Vicky

Mouse Boy

Ms Bubbles Mouse
faces right

Ms Bubbles again
faces left

Mouse Girl in the Rain

Honeymoon Mice

Mr and Mrs Mouse Baking

Elegant Victorian Lady Mouse

Mouse Girl

Three Mean Mice

Mouse in the Rain

Mouse with Cheese Wheel

Pool Balls Mouse

Penny Eating Mouse

Pretty Lady Mice

Lady with Pink Pansys

Mouse in a Teacup

Dancing Mouse

Library Mice at Lunch

Mouse with Button Flowers

Angel Mouse

Mice Taking a Dip

Doctor Mouse

Mouse on a Stool

Mice on Lilypads

Tiny Mouse

Holiday Mice on Page 2

also more mouse gifs

Mrs Mouse, a poem

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graphics have been obtained from
free sites. If any appear in error,
please email me at

Aunt Katys

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