More Merely Mice

Or maybe it's Merely More Mice.
The little cuties do seem to proliferate
here as in real life.
Here they do no damage
but bring pleasure.
In real life, not so much.
However, on to the mice.
Oh, and by the way, if any of these
are your pets
and you'd like them back,
just email me and I'll send them
off with a chunk of cheese.

RELOAD after Aug.11, 2004

Smiling Baby Mouse

Caught in the Rain

Reading the Paper

Sewing Mice

Jumping Rope

Unicycle Rider

Business Mouse

Tiny Mouse on a Daisy

Impatient Mouse

No No Mouse

Waiting for the Mail

Sir Rat

Pretty White Mouse

Girl Writing

Gardner Mouse

Silly Angel Mouse

Mouse in a Flower Basket

Mouse with Flower

Water Lily Mice

Mouse with Cheese

Animated Mouse

Small Brown Mouse

Another Impatient Mouse

Five Cute Mice

Hickory Dickory Dock

Pretty Lady Mouse

Too Much Cheese?

Mouse with Donut

Tiny Grey Mouse

Doctor and Patient

Couple Dancing

Mouse Driving a Car

Dreaming Mouse

Nibbling Corn

Flying Carpet Ride

Big Ears

Mouse With Sheet of Paper

Mouse in a Globe

Tiny Blue Mouse

Dancing Girl

Wonderful Person

Hobo Mouse

Sewing Mouse

Cheese Eater

Flying Angel Mouse

Mouse in Flower Basket

On Line TOO Long

Mouse In A Teacup

Easter Mouse

Melissa Mouse

Sewing Mice

Mouse with Crayons

Mouse with Red Crayon

Little Blue Mouse

Guitar Player

Mouse with Birthday Cake

Mouse Ate some Cake

Mother Rocks the Cradle

Mouse at Prayer

Sleeping Baby Mouse

5 Mice say "HI"

Melissa Mouse Again

Quilt Makers

Teeter Totter Mice

Ballerina Mouse

Mouse on Mushroom

Mouse on Mushroom 2

"Don't Forget to Write"

Reading a Book

Scooter Riders

2 mice in a Boat

Sleeping Mouse

2 Mice in a Teacup

Laundry Day

Little Mouse with Flowers

The Pied Piper and I are off
  to see if we can find More Merely Mice.