Katy's Christmas Mice

So many mice seem to be in the Christmas Spirit, I felt they needed their own page. If you care to adopt any to help with your holiday celebration, please transload them to your own site. Thank you.

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"Angel"  "Creché"  "Joy Mouse"

"Tree Lites"  "Mouse Tree"  "Tree Trimings"

"Green Ball"  "Tree Trimmers"  "Look at ME"

"Red Ball"  "Napping"  "Merry Xmas"

"Dear Santa"  "Wish List"  "More Wishes"

"Pulling the Sled"  "Wearing Santa's Hat"  "Me, Too!"

"Santa Mouse"  "Big Santa"  "Small Santa"

"Happy Dreams"  "Mice in Socks"  "Sleeping Mouse"

"Bringing Gift"  "Opening Gift"  "BIG Gift"

"Poinsettia Mouse"  "Mouse in Snowglobe"

"Mouse Mousse"  "Cookies for Santa"  "MY Candy!"

"My Candycane"  "Small Mouse, Large Cane"

"One Very Happy Mouse"

Thank you, Sue

"Another Ornament"  "Another Tree"  "Sock Full"

"Mouse Hiding"  "YUMMY"  "Mice Wreath"

"Mouse in Sock"  "Poinsettia Umbrella"  "2 Mice Santas"

Thank you, Sue

"Open UP!"  "Toasted Cheese"  "Mouse Trimmings"

"Asleep Mouse"  "Xmas Eve"  "Xmas Morn"

"2 In Sock"  "With Ornament"  "My Gift ?"

"Visiting Santa"  "Family Christmas Picture"  "Skaters?"

"Piano Mice"  "Tiny Mouse, Big Candy Cane"

"Mouse in Sock"  "Mice on Holly"

Asleep Xmas Eve  Dreaming of Sugarplums

"Mice in Wreath"  "Decorating Tree"  "Toasting Cheese"

"Mouse Pulling Gift"  "Mouse Pulling Ornament"

"2 Mice in Santa Hats"  "3 Carol Singers"

"Sound Asleep Xmas Eve"


"This page background"

"Mouse and Cat"

Friends at Christmas Time.

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It's a children's story but aren't we are all children at Christmas time.