Mouse House Christmas

The Mouse children wanted to celebrate Christmas in their house this year so
they decorated a tree.

Sally Mouse tested the lights.

Terry Mouse wrote a letter to Santa telling him everyone's wishes.

Todd Mouse wished for a toy mouse.

Daisy Mouse wished for a mouse doll.

All Andy Mouse wished for was a candy cane.

Timmy Mouse helped bake cookies.

Mother Mouse made a gingerbread house.

Father Mouse decided to dress like Santa but
his reindeer friend wanted to ride on the sled, not pull it.

One little mouse was afraid he'd miss Santa so he slept in an ornament box under the tree every night.

On Christmas Eve they each hung up a sock for Santa to fill

and then they went to bed to dream of the surprises they'd find in the morning.


While they slept Santa Mouse came.


On Christmas morning every little mouse ran to look under the tree.


There was Daisy's doll,

Todd had his toy mouse,

Sally had mouse slippers,

Terry had a snowglobe,

and Andyhad his

candy cane.

There were other good things under the tree for everyone.


The Mouse family wishes you what they had, a

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