Katy's Kolossal Kollection
of lines and bars.

When I decided to add a number of lines and bars a BRILLIANT idea struck me. (This is known to family and friends as: "Katy's OFF again".) Why not do the pages over completely, classifying the gifs to make them easier to use? Often I'm looking for a certain type of line and find myself scrolling endlessly through page after page to find just what I want.

So....here is Katy's Kolossal Kollection of lines and bars of every kind. Chose a page and see what you find to take home with you.

I want to thank my friends and helpers, Sue and Marney, for the bars they have made and for everything they've done for me these past years since Katy's Kubicle came into existance.

Please remember, you must transload gifs to use them.

Thank you, and enjoy.

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Aunt Katy.

Classic and Elegant

Useful and Interesting

Children and Food