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For Valentines Day

Red Hearts Line

Hearts Bar

Pink Hearts Bar

Tiny Hearts Line

Two Hearts Line

Cupcakes and Hearts

Motto Candies Bar

Blue Crystal Heart

Gold Hearts Line

Blue Bird Pulling Hearts

Pink Hearts Vine

Hearts & Flowers

Jewel Heart

Heart on Pink Flowers Line

Pastel Peeps Bunnies Bar

Bunny On Line

6 White Bunny Faces

Jellybean Line

Easter Eggs Line

More Easter Eggs

Pastel Eggs Bar

Decorated Eggs Line

Dark Colored Eggs

Tulips and Chicks Line

Chicks on Eggs

Little Yellow Chicks Line

Chicks and Eggs

Bunnys in the Grass

12 Bunny Line

16 Bunny Line

Easter Baskets

EasterEggs Line

Purple Iris Bar

Easter Lillys Line

Pumpkin Bar

Lighted Pumpkins

Black Cats

Bats on the Moon

Cute Ghost on Red Line

Witches Broom

Cute Lil Devil

Candy Corn

For Thanksgiving

Pilgrims and Indians

Pilgrims and Indians Again

Corn and Vegetables

Fruit and Pumpkins Bar

Thanksgiving Table

The Feast

Single Candle on Red Line

Blue Candles

Another Candle Line

Red Candle on Green Line

Garland with Candles

Twinkle Lights

Lights Bar

Bells and Stars Bar

Christmas Mantle

Santa and Sleigh

Santa's Clothesline

Santa's Boots Bar

Santa & Stars bar

Christmas Stocking Line

Santa and Deer

Gifts Bar

Teddy and Gifts

Pretty Packages

Christmas Shelf


More snowmen

Ten Snowmen

Christmas Fence

Canes, Trees, and Candles

Trees Line

Lots of Trees

Tree and Sock Bar

Garland with Bells

Red Bows

Peppermint Stick

Ornament Bar

Red,Green, Gold Twist

Green Merry Christmas

Garland with Red Bows

Bells on Red Bow

Spray with Red Bow

Bells Bar

Galand with Ornaments


Gold Bells

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Men

Popcorn and Cranberry Line

Candy Cane Line

Carolers Bar

Jinglebells Line

Trees and Gifts

Cardinal on Red Line


Pine Branch with Bells

14 Candy Canes Line

Many Flavor Canes Line

Series String Lights bar

Twinkling Wreaths Bar

Holly on Red Ribbon

5 Red Bows

Candles and Bows Bar

Cookie Tree Bar

Holly Bar

Another Holly Bar

Larger Holly

Holly with Red Berries

Pine Cones Bar

Gold Holly & Candles Bar

Happy New Year