If you decide to adopt any of these beasts, please transload them to your own zoo. Thank you.

RELOAD after Aug.24,2004

Bird Fence



Doves with Wedding Rings

Party Penguins

Lovely Swans



Birds on a Line

Nine Birds Bar

Tiny Blue Birds

Birds with Pink Bow

Blue Bird on a Twig

Bird Houses

Bluebirds Feeding Young

Chicken Line

More Chickens

Little Yellow Ducks



More Butterflys

Blue Butterfly

Purple Butterfly & Flowers

Lavender Butterflies

Fish Bar

Smaller Fish Bar

Frogs and Mushrooms

made by Marney


Winking Dragon

Bears Bar

More Bears

And More Bears

Bears and Hearts

Party Bears

Teddy Bears All Dressed Up

Four Bears Bar

Bear Heads with Hats

The Coke Bear

Green Eyed Cat Face

Blinking Blue Cateyes

Tiny Metalic Cats

Cat on a Red Line

Cat with Blue Yarn

Siamese Kitten

Tabby on Pink Line

Kitty Faces

Cat on Blue Line

Stylized Cat Bar

Kittens with Green Yarn

Kittens Bar

Cute Cats

White Kittens

Snoozing Tiger Line

Spike, the Bulldog

Cool Dude Dog

Tan Paw Prints

Red Paw Prints
I think they're Ladybugs

Lady Bug Bar
I know these are ladybugs

Circus Tents

Jungle Scene

Wild Animals

Large Wild Animals Bar

Branch Full Of Monkeys

Colorful Elephants

Elephants Line

Two Tigers



Deer Line

Green Snake

Three Little Pigs

Cows Line

Cows Headed to the Barn

Pigs Playing Golf

Bees Bar

Snail Line

9 Snails in a Line

Duck Bar

Two Turkeys

Skunk Line

Four Horses

Lots of Horses

Sulkey Racers
made by Marney

Two White Horses
made by Marney

One White Horse

Pegasus Line