Classic and Elegant

Please remember to transload. Thank you.

Eagle Bar

Eagles on Bunting

Gold Stars on Blue Bar

Crown Bar

Two Jewel Bar

Opal Bar as above

Another Opal Bar

Blue Gems on Gold Scroll

Blue Heart Gem

Diamonds on Gold Scroll
use at top

Diamonds on Gold Scroll 2
use at bottom

An Odd Bar

Another Odd Bar

Emeralds and Diamonds

Green Heart Gems

Blue Gem Bar

Purple Ribbon on Gold

Another Blue Gem Bar

Blue Teardrop Bar

Purple Jewels

Sapphire Gem

Two Pearls

Diamond Center Bar

Blue Gem

Gold Bars

Gold Stars


Gold Stars

Three Gold Stars

Scattered Gold Stars

Gold Leaf Bar

More Gold Leaves

Gold Griffin Bar
made by Marney

Gold Rope

Gold Bit

Short Gold Bar

Small Gold Curve

Gold Curve

Another Curved Line

Double Bar

one of my favorites

Gold Bar

Fancy Center

Rosette Center

Filigree Medalion


Heavenly Bar

Another Gold Bar

Gold Ivy

Red Roses on Silver Bar

Fancy Silver Bar

Silver Bar

Silver Stars

Lavender and Silver

Fans and Roses

~ Some Flower Lines ~

Blue Roses

Pink Roses

Pink Lei

Red Rose on Red Bar

Small Pink Roses

Animated Red Rose Bar

Center Rose Bar

Small Orchids

Violets Bar

More Violets

Small Violets Bar

White Buds Bar

Yellow Flowers


Small Garlands

White Roses

Two Blue Roses

Daffodil Line

Tiny Pink Rose

Pink Rose and Gold Scrolls

Two Pink Roses on Pink Bar

7 Pink Roses on Green Leaves

Single Pink Rose

Two Roses on a Scroll

Red Rose on a Bar

Red Roses Bar

Another Red Rose Bar

Garden Bar

White Flowers

Tulip Bar

Tiny Flower Vine

Another Flower Vine

Pansy Bar

Daisy Bar

Pink Morning Glorys Bar

Lavender Flower Spray

Blue and Silver Bar

Tie Dye Bar

Green Feathers

Ship Bar

Ship on the Ocean

Lavender roses

Yellow Flowers

Heart On Vine

Dogwood Branch

White Flowers

Colored Daisys

White Daisy Bar

Red Tulips

Perky Pansies

Pansy Ribbon

Forget-Me-Nots Bar

Yellow Flowers on Blue Ribbon

Pink Rose Nosegays

Tiny Pink Roses

Roses and Ribbon

Ghost Roses

Light Green Leaves

Garden Gate

Red Roses on Red Scrolls

Rose Branch

Three Red Roses

Flowers on Blue Ribbon

Tall Flowers

Pink Leaf Line