Katy's Candles, Bells,
Goodies and Decorations

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Updated Aug.4.2004
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"Candle Ring"  "5 Flaming Candles"  "White Candle"

"Short Red Candle"  "Red Stripped Candle"  "3 Candles"

"Red Candle"  "Candle in Glass Chimney"  "Fat Candle"

"Drawing of Candle"  "Gold Holder"  "Small Candle"

"3 Red Candles"  "Lantern"  "Candle in Window"

"Twisted Gold Candle"  "Peppermint Stripe Candles"

"4 Candles on Holly"  "White Candle in Poinsettia"

"Large Red Candle"  "Square white Candle"

"Chunky Green Candle"  "Short White Candle"

"Green Candle on Pine"  "Candles & Stars"


"3 Bells"  "Animated Gold Bell"

"Blue Bells"  "Bells with Red Ribbon"

"2 White Bells"  "Large Bell"  "2 Gold Bells

"Bell and Holly"  "Gold Bell"  "Neon Bells"

"White Bell"  "Tiny Bells"  "Bells and Holly"

"2 More Bells"  "Hanging Bells"  "6 Copper Bells"

"2 Jingle Bells"  "One Jingle Bell"  "4 Jingle Bells"

" Bells on Wreath"  "Bells & Birds on Door Spray"

"6 Jinglebells"  "Yellow Bell"  "Silver Sleighbells"


"Candy House"  "Igloo"  "Candy House flipped"

"Gingerbread and Gum Drops House"  "House with Trees"

"Cut-out Cookies"  "Xmas Cookies"  "Xmas Goodies"

"Crossed Canes"  "Large Candy Cane"  "Candy Cane"

"Gingerbread Man"  "Gingerbread Lady"

"Gingerbread Man with Lights"  "Cookie Tree"


"Stone Fireplace"  "Fireplace & Socks"  "Brick Fireplace"

"Snow Window"  "Golden Horn"

"Xmas Stocking"  "Kewpie Sock  Xmas Sock"

"Victorian Xmas"  "Xmas House"  "Xmas Wish"

"White Poinsettia"  "Pine Cones"  "Poinsettia"

"Hanging Basket"   "Holly"  "Red Basket"

"Mistletoe"  "Pinecones"  "More Holly"

"Red Poinsettia"  "Noel Poinsettia"

"Presents"  "Sled with Gifts"  "Wrapped in Red"

"Sack of Coal"  "Bow"  "Stack of Gifts"

"Carol Singers"  "Victorian Carolers"  "Caroling"

"Toy Train"  "Sleigh Scene"