Katy's Elves and Snowmen

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"Elf at Mailbox"  "Mail Elf"  "Elf with List"

"North Pole"  "Elf with Wreath"  "Mailbox"

"Smiling Elf"  "Grandpa Elf"  "Look Up There"

"Bell Ringer"  "Lantern Carrier"  "Smiley Elf"

"Twinkle Lights Elf"  "Tree Trimmers"  "Elf with Lights"

"Elf Beside Candy Cane"  "Cookie Baker Lady Elf"

"Elf On Candy Cane"  "Elf Carries Candy Cane"

"Elf with 3 Candy Canes"  "Candy Cane Elf"

"Elf with Teddy Bear"  "Elf Painting a Boat"

"Finishing a Locomotive"  "Making a Blue Car"

"With Jack-in-Box"  "Elf at Computer"

"Wrapping a Gift"  "Hiding Behind Gifts"  "Elf with Gift"

"Elf with Green Gift"  "Elf with Yellow Gift"

"Elf with Blue Gift"  "For You"

"Hitching a Ride"  "Packing Santas Bag"

"4 Elf Carolers"


Snowmen with Greetings

"Merry Xmas"  "Happy Holidays"  "Season's Greetings"

Florida Snowman and Christmas Trees


Snow Families

"Mr & Mrs with Friends"  "Ready for Night Out"

"Loving Snow Folks"  "A Kiss for Frosty"

"Snow Kid"  "Snow Family"

"Snow Child"  "Snow Girl"  "Snow Baby"

"Cute Snow Baby"  "Jumping Snow Baby"

"Caroling Trio"  "Caroling Quartet"

Snowmen with Critters

"With Santa Bear"  "With Robin"  "With Birdhouse"

"With Bunny and Birds"  "Snowman with Bluebird"

"With Bunny and Mouse"  "Snowmen and Bird"

"Snowman with Crow"  "With Bird on Carrot Nose"

"Snowman with Cardinals"  "Snowman with 2 Squirrels"

Snowmen with Sweets

"Mr & Mrs Marshmallow Snowman"

"With Candy Cane"  "With Cookies"

More Snowmen

"With Red Vest"  "With Red Hat"  "With Red Shoes"

"Snowman Lying Down"  "Snowman with Golf Clubs"

"Small Scene"  "With Twig Arms"  "With Broom"

"Tips His Hat"  "With blue Scarf"  "With Shovel"

"Line of 6 Snowmen"  "Another Hat Tipper"

"Tiny Snowman in Santa Hat"  "Brown Scarf Turns Green"

"With Lit Candle"  "In Long Blue Coat"  "Fat Snowman"

"In Plaid Scarf"  "Very Tall Snowman"

"Two on a Sled"  "Snowmen Buddies"  "4 Friends"

"Snowman Face"  "3 Playing"  "Juggler"