Katy's Kloset

Everything ends up in this closet when it's no longer used. Please feel free to carry off anything that strikes your fancy. To the best of my knowledge, it's all in public domain.

Don't panic!

I've been cleaning house and moved lots of stuff to the


There are even some new items there as there will be here as soon as I can get them arranged.

Reload after Aug.17,2004

Banjo    Bugle    Violin

Red Vase    Pink Vase    Blue Vase

Book Ends    Camera    Photo Album

Freezer    Lamp    Lava Lamp

Mirror    Paper Weight    Snow Globe

Picnic Basket    Silver Chest    Toolbox

Clothes to be put away when there's time.

Dry Cleaning    Packed Suitcase    Steamer Trunk

No one wears these any more.

Corset    Garter Belt

Pink Bonnet    Easter Hat    Easter Hat 2

The children outgrew these:

Susie's Dress    Sleepers    Junior's Pants

Bunny Slippers    Mittens    Coon Skin Hat

Josiah has quite a hat collection.

Red Cap    Straw Hat    Fedora

Brown Fedora    Grey Hat    Police Helmet

Plaid Shirt    White Shirt    Hawaiian Shirt

Blue Suit    Belt    Brown Suit

Sneakers    Boots    Slippers

Things I'll never wear again:

Red Dress    Red Slip    Red Coat

Bellbottoms    Clunky Sandals    Red Sweater

Cocktail Dress    Pink Slip    Evening Gown

Maternity Jacket    Pink Hat    Fur Collar Jacket

Wonder if I left any money in these...

Black Purse    Blue Purse    Brown Purse

Fur Coat    Wedding Gown

Stocking Hat    Scarf    Umbrella

OOops!! These go back in my room.

Apron    Robe

Pearls    Diamond Neckalce

Sewing Basket    Pin Cushion    Sewing Basket 2