Katy's Attic

I don't know where all this STUFF comes from but the kloset got so full that I had to move some to the attic to make room for new. I just can't resist bringing things home and then don't know what to do with them. It's kind of dusty in here. I hope you don't have allergies.
If I've picked up something of yours by mistake, tell me and I'll send it back instanter. If you see anything you can't live without, please transload it to your place.

Reload after Aug.17,2004

Better have some light so we can see.

Do we need the heater on?

Well, lets see what's here.....

Fireman Figure    Fire Extinguisher

Bassinet    Backpack    Barber Pole

Hatbox    Cap    Another Hatbox

Shelf Clock    Bell Jar    Mantle Clock


Ornaments    Gifts    Mr Peanut

Hockey Skates    Snowshoes    Figure Skates

Pheasant    Tent    Scrapbook

Throne    Crown    Treasure

Coins        Gold Coin

Nate Ebanezer panned for gold
Beside a Western creek.
On weekends drank all he could hold
Then panned another week.

Scales    Sconce    Scales 2

Cowboy Hat    Saddle    Corncob Pipe

Candlestick Phone    Radio    Wall Phone

Phonograph    Old Radio    Phonograph 2

This conch shell came from a tropical beach
Brought home by Capt'n Steele,
A pirate bold, I was wont to teach
My children, but was he for real?

Crystal Ball    Desk Bell    Blue Chair

Dressmaker's Form    Typewriter    Dressmaker's Form 2

Throw Pillows    Barrel of Monkeys    Washstand

Gold Cup    Bowling Ball    Trophy


Oil Lamp    Oval Mirror    Floorlamp

Apple Teapot    Hourglass    Pink Heart Teapot

Quilt    Sampler    Crazy Quilt

Cuckoo Clock    Ancient Vase    Sewing Machine

I should look in there some day

Ship Clock     Watch    Gold Watch & Chain

Stop Watch    Bellows    Baby Crib    Hand Bell

Table Lamp    Log Basket    78 Record

You didn't think I'd forget this, did you?

Great greatgrandma shot a bear
That tried to steal her pig.
Great greatgrandpa skinned its hair
And used it for a wig.


I don't know where this door leads.
Someday we'll open it together.