The last days of vacation, of warm evenings,
of just being lazy or doing fun things.

It's still Summer with Hot Days

You can spend on the Porch Swing

or the Patio.

George has the right Idea Here

But Alice has a good one, too.

There is still time for water fun.

Speedboat    Rowboat    Sailboat    Speedboat

Fishpole    Fisherman    Tackle Box

Dock Fishing    Exotic Fishing    Lazy Fishing

Child in Pool    Kids on Raft    Tube Guy

Happy Kids    Girl Tanning    Kids Play Ball

Time for Tennis Finals.

Girl Player      Man Player

Go to a Hot Air Balloon Meet

When evening comes you can watch the Sunset

Catch Fireflies in a jar

Or just stare up at the beautiful Star Filled Sky

And, suddenly, it's

Fall is right around the corner.