Katy's Summer Fun

The long, hot days of summer can be spent in many ways. Let's pretend an idealic vacation for our inner child in this collection of gifs.

As far as I know, they are free to be used but please transload them to your own "playground".

A few changes and additions March 17, 2004. Better RELOAD.

Summer at Grandpa's Farm

The Red Barn    Ladder to the Hay Loft    Bales of Hay

Rooster    Hen on a Nest    Her Eggs

Katy with Kittens

Grandpa's Horse

A New Calf    A Spring Lamb

The old sow and her piglets

Our dog, Nell    The Barn Cat

The Farm Cart    Uncle Bert's Axe


supply water for the farm

The Privy

Grandma's Garden

Her Gardening Hat

Morning Glorys    Daisys    Hollyhocks

Bellflowers    Poppies    Forget-Me-Nots

Pansys    Marigolds    Violets

Lettuce    Carrot

Tomato    Sweetcorn

Beet    Parsnip

Spinach    Cabbage


From which we made

Picking Strawberries    More Strawberries

From which we made



From which we made


Gramma's pies

Aunt Matty's Birds

Fancy chairs

Aunt Matty's Piano

Looking at Aunt Matty's Scrapbook

Katy's Doll

Gramma's Rocking Chair

The Clock on the mantle

Katy's bed at the farm

Spending time with cousins

Summer in Town

Mother's Flowers

Yellow Rose

More Yellow Roses

The Rose Tree


Pansy Nosegay

The Bird Feeder

Peeking at the baby birds

The Birdbath

Reading again


Fairy Castles    Fairy Kings

Pumpkin Coaches

Stories of brave knights

Mounted Knight

Standing Knight

and outlaws

Robin Hood

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Playing Base Ball

Riding bikes

Bandaids come in handy

A Teepee

Bathing the Dog

Catching Fireflies

Swiming Pool


A tub of water

Riding the Merry-go-round

Eating Candy Apples   or a   Pink Lollypop

Bringing Home Balloons

At The Lake




ring 2 short, 1 long

Oak Tree



Frog on a Waterlily

At the beach


Picnic Basket    Picnic Table

Hamburger    Hotdog

Lemonade    Salad


I hope you found some memories of Summer Fun from years gone bye.