Katy's Springtime Gifs

Please transplant anything here to your own garden.
As far as I know, these gifs are all in public domain.
Updated February 21, 2004.

Pussy Willow    Spring Bulbs    Red Tulip

Spring Bouquet    Daffodils    Daffodils

Yellow Tulips    Three Tulips    Pot of Tulips

Yellow Crocus    Red Geranium

Hanging plants for the porch.

Basket 1    Basket 2    Basket 3

Basket 4    Basket 5    Basket 6

To garden you'll need these:

A Set of Tools


Hand tools



Interesting additions to the landscape are:

Angel Fountain

A Gazebo

Fish Pond

Water Lily

Another Gazebo

Rose Arbor

Flower Cart

Another Fountain

Shhh!! Dont startle them.
(all clickable)


Fairies love to help a garden grow.
So do their feathered cousins

Spring's Harbinger    Robin at Lunch

Eggs in Nest    Baby Birds    Baby Blue Birds

Bird House    Yellow Bird    Blue Bird's House

More Signs of Spring    Bathing Birds    Large Birdhouse Bar


More garden denizons

Butterfly Bar    Butterflies    Beautiful Butterfly

The Most Important Worm


Bee Hive

Garden help is hard to find these days

"Ya wan' it planted there?"

Ladybug    Inchworm

Insect Eater

Squirrel    Chipmunk and Friends

Finally, some flowers.

A few things to plant.

Tulip Bar

Purple Iris    More Iris

Dogwood    Dogwood Bar

Buttercups  and  Daisys

Violets    More Violets    Tiny Violets

Violets Bar

Basket of Flowers    


Basket of Lilac     Lilac Blossom

Morning Glory

White Fence

We'll forget about Spring cleaning.

Or this endless chore

And just join these girls enjoying a warm Spring day.