Katy's Pantry

Along with the rest of the Kubicle, Aunt Katy has given her pantry a good "redding out" and restocked the shelves and refrigerator as of March 2004. To the best of my knowledge all the gifs are free from copyright.

Please transload any you choose to your own pantry.

Thank you.

Reload after Aug.9,2004


An Egg    Bacon    2 Fried Eggs

Pancakes    Maple Syrup    Oatmeal

Muffins    Jelly    Toast Pops Up

Honey Comb    Jar of Honey    Honey Bear

Strawberry Jam    Grape Jelly    Assorted Jams

Toast Slices    Fruit Loops    Cinnamon Roll

Cup of Coffee      Cup of Cocoa

Glazed Donut    Box of Donuts    Fried Cake

Bread and Lunches

Nut Bread    Homemade Bread    French Bread

French Breads    Muffin    Biscuits    Ritz

Burger    Fries    Burger 2

Hotdog    Sandwich Plate    Sandwich

Big Sandwich    "Dagwood" Sandwich

Kettle of Soup    Can of Soup    Tureen of Soup

Bowl of Soup    Bowl of Chili    Bowl of Soup 2

Pepperoni Pizza    Cheesy Pizza

Pasta Maker    Jars of Pasta    Bag of Noodles

Spagetti and Meatballs    Spagetti and Cheese    Meatballs


Stew    Meatloaf    Steak    Lobster

Baked Ham    Steak Dinner    Roast Turkey

Baked Potato    Plate of Bakers

Mashed Potatos    Mashed Potatos 2

Strawberries and Cream    Fruit Dessert

Cheesecake    Eclairs    Strawberry Shortcake

Cakes for Birthdays and Every Day

Southern Spanish Cake    Chocolate Cake

Cupcake    Chocolate Cake 2    Cupcake 2

Wedding Cake    Bundt Cake    Anniversary Cake

July 4th Cake    Chocolate Cake Slice

Birthday Cake 1    Chocolate Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake 2    Birthday Cake 3    Birthday Cake 4

First Birthday Cake    Balloons Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake 5    Birthday Cake 6

Fruitcake    Wedding Cake    Fruitcake 2


Apple Pie        Mince Pie

Cherry Pie    Pecan Pie    Berry Pie

Cream Pie  Key Lime Pie Slice  Key Lime Pie

Pumpkin Pie slice    Pumpkin Pie    Chocolate Pie


Oreos    Chocolate Chip Cookie    Brownies    

Chocolate Chip Cookies    Decorated Stars

Sugar Cookies    Chocolate Chip Cookies    Ginger Cookies

Baking Supplies    Oatmeal Cookies    Baking Pan

Gingerbread Man    Gingerbread House

Christmas Cookies    Christmas Cookies 2

Other Pantry Supplies

Sugar Cubes    Baking Soda    Salt & Pepper

Flour    Cereal

Spices    Peanutbutter    Koolade

Coconuts    Peanuts    Dates

Popcorn    Pecans    Walnuts

Pretzels    Taco    Potato Chips

and for goodness sake, don't forget the


Please step next door to peek in Katy's refrigerator.