Katy's Santa Kollection

There are so many handsome images of
the dear old saint that I decided he needed
a page of his own.
To the best of my knowledge, all have been
gathered from copyright-free sites.
Please transload any you wish to put
under your Christmas tree.
Thank you.

Reload after Aug.6,2004

Waving    This Way    Puzzled

Santa in Pink    Delivering a Doll House

Teddy Tops the Bag    Candy Canes, too

Package Under His Arm    Another Puzzle

With Red Bird & Bunny    With a Wreath

Filling a Sock    Full Sack of Toys

Steps Out of Sleigh    With Sack on His Back

Santa, Girl, & Boy Decorate Tree

The kitten's escaping, Santa.

Santa in Green Pants    Western Santa

Santa Shopping    On the Roof

Climbing into Chimney    In Front of Sleigh

Going Down Another Chimney

Large Santa    Santa with Animals

Holding Little Girl    Filling Sack

Santa with Presents

Mrs Claus and Santa

Helping with the List    Mending Santa's Coat

Mrs Santa's Face    A Quiet Evening

Mrs Santa & Pie    Mrs Santa & Cake

Sweethearts    Under the Mistletoe

Tree Trimming    Dancing Clauses

Santa and Mrs Claus with Children

Small Santas

Santa in Sled    Santa with Curly Beard

In Jingle Bell Hat    Waving Santa

Eating Cookies     That Way

Small Santa    Very Small Santa

Santa & Pack    Another Santa & Pack

Santa at Fireplace    Santa with Gifts

Cute Santas

Santa & Fawn    Santa Sshhh!

Under the Mistletoe    Santa & Deer

Seated Santa    Santa with Pack

Surprised Santa    Santa with Little Angel

Santa Climbing In or Out of Chimney

"I Believe in Santa Claus"

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