Katy's Kristmas Kritters

Since I've already collected Kristmas mice, I decided to give the other animals equal space. All were found in copyright-free sites.
Please transload those you want to use.
Thank you.

Kritters in Wreaths

Tiger Kitten    Mice    Grey Cat

Angel Kittens    Cat Ornament

Dalmatian    Horse    White Duck

Cow    Cow's Head    Cow

Coon    Teddy Bear    Beaver

Giraffe    Dinosaur    Ferret

Fawn    Deer

Cat    Panda    Dog

Deer Wearing Wreath and Blanket

Horse, Squirrel,& Birds in Square Wreath

Kritters in Stockings

Grey Kitten    Large Kitten    SheepGoose    Teddy Bear    Mouse

Small Puppy    Mouse    Santa Puppy

Puppy in Large Red Sock

White Kitten in Green Sock

Kritters in Santa Hats

Kitten, Puppy & Mouse    Brown Bear

Bear & Mouse    Sleeping Kitten & Puppy

Horse    White Bear    Puppy

Kitten & Mouse    Mouse    2 Cats Photo

Tiger Cat    White Bear    Siamese Cat

Panda    Earthworm    House Fly

Frog    Turtle    Beaver

Dragon    Koala    Kangaroo

Penguin & Candles    Penguin Drummer

Black Cat    Black Kit

Hedgehog    Puppy    Brown Dog

White Puppy    Cow Head

Grey Cat    Brown Bunny    Spaniel

Smiling Frog    Grey Tiger Cat

Kritters with Ornaments

Kitten    Tangled Kitten    Cat

Mouse    White Bear    Kitten

Frogs    Decorators    Poodles

Scotty    Polar Bear    Bunny

Penguin Ornament    Koala Ornament

Fish Ornament    Angel Cat Ornament

Two Siamese Cats    Opossum

Another White Bear    Dog with Lights

Frog Clings to Ornament
Hanging from Candy Cane


Dove    Cardinal    Bird

Cardinal    Doves    Cardinal

Brown Bird    Blue Jays    Cardinal

Dove    Penguin Carolers    Doves

Large Pine Full of Birds

Bird Feeder    Swan    White Doves

Red Bird & Sock

Kittens and Puppies

Cat    Kit & Pup    Pup

Kitten    Three Pups    Kitten

Cat Banner    Sleeping Cat    Kitten

Dalmatian and Siamese    White Cat

Tiger Kitten    White Cat    Tiger Cat

Puppy    Two Cats    Kitten

Kitten    Beagle & Kitten     Puppy

Kitten in Basket    Kittens Bar

Cat Without Christmas Spirit

Cat in Red Sweater


Lit Antlers    Candy Cane Antlers

Eating Candy Canes    Sitting by Tree

Lit Antlers Again    Mistletoe Deer

Doe and Fawn    Fawn    Doe and Fawn

Two Deer    Blue Deer Bar    Deer Head

Deer with Bells On    Deer Toting Tree

Fawn Tangled in Lites

Retired Deer on Xmas Eve


Bear with Gift    Teddy Bear Angels

Santa & Teddy    Teddy & Angel

Santa on Sled    Koala with Candy Cane

Teddy & Candy Cane    Rocking Santa Bear

Caroling Bears   Polar Bear on Skates

White Bear Angel    White Angel Bears Bar

Xmas Teddy Background

Other Kritters

Donkey    Two Bunnies    Squirrel

Bear & Chipmunk    Penguin

Santa & Mrs Frog    Happy Holidays Frog

Kangaroo & Koala    Mr Pig on Xmas Eve

Mouse & Kitten Building Snow Cat

Bunny    Kitten & Mouse

Caroling Bunnies    Caroling Critters

Santa and Helpers    Penguins & Igloo

Squirrel with Acorns  Sleeping Squirrel

Squirrel and Mouse