Katy's Konfectionery

As a child, my dream was to have my very own soda fountain. Now I can. In the cyberworld, I can indulge in all sorts of forbidden sweets. Won't you join me? Please remember to transload any goodies you want to keep.

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The ceiling fan rotates slowly keeping us cool as we make our selection from the menu.

Vicky and Kenny have decided on a soda. He had only one dime so they are sharing it. Susie and Tommy are having sundaes. Aren't they lucky?


Slide into the corner booth and we'll order.

How about a sundae and a glass of water?


Or a soda or shake.


Nice bananas today

so lets have a banana split

Or a banana boat

Have a "Run of the Fountain" or just ice cream?


If you're on a diet, yogurt is good.

All you want is a drink and snack? Easily done.

and or

or or

Sally will happily bring your order

Take a look in the candy counter while you're here.






Fancy chocolate


Or some Peeps left over from Easter or Halloween


Harry will make you a cone to take with you.



Oh Oh!! Bobby dropped his.

Good thing he didn't have one of these

Harry can give him another scoop.

He'd do better with an ice cream sandwich
or a fidgesicle, I think.


Or one of these:


This little boy has the same dream I once had.
There's no such thing as too much ice cream.