The Buzzard Saga

The following are stories about a family Aunt Katy knew at the turn of the last century. Ox Buzzard (pronounced Buh-ZARD) was a larger-than-life figure who raised children, horses and sheep on a farm he wrested from the wilderness that was Upstate New York at the time.

Like many of Aunt Katy's characters, Ox might never have actually existed, but he represents a breed of men who made this country thrive and grow. Please enjoy this look back into a "time that was", at least in Aunt Katy's memory.

Introducing Ox Buzzard

Roxy's Story

Grandaunt Roxalinda

More About Roxy

Sim Buzzard, Music Maker

Katy's Blanket

Clorinda's Stove

Thanksgiving at the Buzzards

Christmas at the Buzzards

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by Phyllis H. Beebe