Katy's Flower Kart

Isn't it fun to have all kinds of flowers all year round? With a Virtual Garden, there is no back-backing work, just enjoyment of the colors and shapes. If you find some you'd like to pick, please do and transplant to your own garden.

Thank you.

Updated Feb.28,2004

Azalia    African Violet    Amarylis

Morning Glory    Anemone    Carnation

Autumn Tree    Willow Tree    Into The Woods

Blue Bellflower    Carnation and Petunias

Blue Spray    Pink and White Spray

Cherry Flower (left)    Cherry Flower (right)

Daffodil    More Daffodils

Daisys    Vase of Daisys

Flower Cart

Forgetmenots     More forgetmenots

Hollyhock    Hollyhock Gate

Golden Rose    Lilac    Calla Lilly

Pink Plant    Marigold    Green Plant

Pansy Nosegay    Pansy Spray


Pink Blossom    Pink Rose    Pink Rose Corsage

Vase of Roses    A Gift of Roses

Small Red Rose    Red Rose    Another Red Rose

Rosebud    Another Rosebud

Red Rosebud    Red Roses

A small bouquet of roses

Rose Arbor

Rose Logo

Rose Tree

Red Rose

Rose Basket

A White Rose    Another white Rose

Yellow Rose    Another Yellow Rose    More Yellow Roses

Flowers of Spring and Summer

Snowdrops    Yellow Crocus

Five Violets    Violet    Spray of Violets

Spring Flowers    Spring Bouquet

Daffodils    2 Daffodils

Spring Flowers    Poppies


Red Tulips    Yellow Tulips

Pot of Tulips    Small Pot of Tulips

Water Lily

Lily (faces left)    Lily (faces right)

Small Lily

Stargazer Lily

Gardenia Plant

Blue Hydrangia

Orchid Plant    Orchid Corsage

Brown Orchid    Pink Orchid

Lavender Orchid    Yellow Orchid

Water Lily    Pink Water Lily


Small Tree

Basket of Flowers    Bowl of Flowers

Urn of Flowers    Yellow flowers

Hanging Basket    Hanging Basket 2

For floral lines and bars please click on the fence.