Katy's Fall Decorations

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Falling Leaves    Pile of Leaves    Raking Leaves

Door Hanging    Oak Leaves    Acorn & Leaves

Coons in Leaves    Coon & Bird    Bunny in Leaves

Walking in Leaves    Squirrels in Leaves

Cornucopia    Cornucopia 2    Cornucopia 3

Cornucopia 4    Cornucopia 5    Cornucopia 6

Small Cornucopia    Corn & Tomatos Bar

2 Ears Of Indian Corn    8 Ears Of Indian Corn

3 Ears Indian Corn    Another 3 Ears

Wheat Sheaf    Turkey Basket    Cornstalks & Cat    

Cornstalks & Jackolanterns    Cornstalks & Jackolantern

Fall Flowers Basket    Fall Flowers    Hanging Basket

Cornstalks    Sun Flowers    Wheat & Pumpkin

Farm Market    Welcome Barrow    Barrow & Veggies

Daisy Wreath    Small Wreath    Straw Wreath

Fruit Wreath    Grapes Wreath

Angel with Apples    Angel with Grapes

2 Angels in Leaves

Pumpkin Line    Pumpkin & Cornstalks    Pumpkin Sale

Pumpkin Fence (left side)    Pumpkin Fence (right side)

Pumpkin Row    Scarecrow    Pumpkin Bar

Scarecrow & Birds    Pumpkin Head    Fall Scarecrow

Dead Branch    Autumn Woods    Fall Tree

Halloween Tree (right side)    Halloween Tree (left side)

October Squirrel    Pilgrim Kids    Coons & Apples

Squirrels & Acorns    Squirrels & Basket

Squirrels & Pumpkin    Squirrels & Pumpkins