Aunt Katy

Here are some Easter gifs I particularly like. Enjoy the collection and, please, transload if you wish to use any of the gifs.

to view after February 26,2008.

Antique Easter Card

Flowers for Mom and Gramma

A Gift of Tulips  More Tulips  Yellow Tulips

Narcissus  Daffodils  More Daffodils

Blue Hydrangia  Orchid Plant  Easter Lily

Lilly Bar    Orchid Greetings


Orchid  Pink Orchid  Tiny Lavender Orchid

Yellow Orchid  Gardenia  Exotic Orchid

Bunny Blessing  Baby Bunny  Shy Bunny

Giggling Bunny  Dancing Bunny  Boy Bunny

Boy Bunny  Girl Bunny  Boy Bunny

16 Bunny Bar  Bunny Faces Bar

12 Bunnys Bar  Bunnies with Basket

Bunny with Basket of Eggs

Little Bunny with Basket of Eggs

One Bunny Head Bar    Six Bunny Heads Bar

Child in White Bunny Suit  2 Brown Bunnies

Bunny Offering Flowers  Bunny with Fower Cart

Little Brown Bunny  Mr and Mrs Bunny  Sonny Bunny

White Bunny  Bunny with Rose  Hopping Bunny

6 Bunnys Bar    Top Hat and Cane Bunny

Victorian Bunny    Bunny in a Carrot Patch

Bunny Boy  Bunny with Balloons  Puzzled Bunny

Bunny on a Shelf  Bunny in a Basket

Bunny Painting Eggs

Mrs Bunny and Jr.  Girl Bunny with Lillies  Easter Hat

Rainy Easter  More Rain  Bunny Family

Gramps Bunny  Egg Sitter  Heavy Egg

Standing Lamb  Prancing Lamb  Resting Lamb

Smiling Chick  Chicks & Eggs  Plump Chick

Farmer Chick  Chick  Chick with Egg

Two Chicks  2 Chicks with Hats  Chicks Hatch

Easter Duck  2 White Ducks

Duck Hatching

Chick and Cart  More Chicks  Girl Chick

Hatching Chick  Chick in Hat  Walking chick

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg  Decorated Eggs  4 Painted Eggs

Hunting Eggs  More Painted Eggs

3 Decorated Eggs  Eggs and Tulips

<Small Eggs Bar  Pastel Eggs Line

Dark Eggs Bar  Pink Eggs Bar  Bright Eggs Bar

Happy Easter Bar  Another Happy Easter BarKPL

Chose your Easter basket

Wicker Basket   Yellow Basket

Basket with dyed eggs  Large Basket

Basket with Chocolate Bunny  Basket with White Bunny

Flat Pink Basket  Large Blue Basket

Seven Yellow Baskets Bar

Basket with Purple Bow  Basket with Lavender Bow

Basket with yellow chick  Happy Easter Basket

Basket with green bow  Basket with Bunny

Basket with blue bow  Basket with Red Bow

After Easter Basket

Chocolate Bunny  Chocolate Egg  Another Bunny

Chocolate Bear  "WHAT?"  Jellybeans

Yellow Peeps Bunny  Pink Peeps  Pink Peeps Bunny

Chocolate Bunny    His Sister    Their Cousin

Chocolate Bunny Girl  MnM Bunny

Of course you need a Ham


and a new bonnet

Pink Bonnet

Easter Greeting, page top

Lily, top left

Lily, top right

For more Easter lines look