Welcome To The Circus

First of all they set up a tent.

Then send out the wagons to announce they are in town.


You know there will be clowns.

In a Car    Juggling    On Stilts

and exciting Wild Animals

So hurry to buy your ticket    

  The Barker will tell you where to go first.

Fortune Teller    Gypsy Seer

Fun Mirrors Tent

Mirror #1    Mirror #2    Mirror #3

Try the games

Baseball Toss    Test your Strength    Knock 'em Down

And come away a winner.

Under the Big Top, in the Center Ring


The Ringmaster introduces the acts.

Bareback Rider    Lady Tightrope Walker    Her Partner

The Clowns wander around

"Weary Willie"    Stanley    "Balloons"

Here come the Elephants to do their tricks.

Standing on Two Legs    Standing on Tub    Wearing a Hat

The Big Cats are next

Lion and Tamer    Tiger    Lion on a Tub

Friendly Lion    Over Zealous Tamer

Balance on Balls


Trained Dogs are Fun

Playing 'Nose Ball'    Playing Catch    Unicycle Rider

Boy with Balloons    Balloon Seller    Girl with Balloons

How about something good to eat?

Candy Apples    Popcorn    Cotton Candy

Hot Dog Stand    Peanuts    Drinks Stand

Time to go home. The circus is closing for the night.

Come again tomorrow.