Teddy Bear's Valentine Day

As Valentine's Day came closer, the Bear family talked about how they would celebrate it.

Mama Bear and Betsey said they should bake cookies.

Papa Bear said they should have extra honeycomb to eat.

Teddy Bear said that was not what he wanted for a Valentine.

"You don't want?"said Mama Bear.

"You don't want?"said Papa Bear.

"What Do you want for a Valentine?"asked Betsey.

Teddy shook his head and looked sad.

"I don't know." he said, "something very special."

"Would you like a Valentine Tee shirt to wear?"asked Mama Bear.

"Would you like a Valentine picnic?"asked Papa Bear.

"Would you like Valentine balloons?"asked Betsey Bear.

"No,"said Teddy Bear."thank you very much. I just thought what I want." and he smiled.

"What DO you want?" asked Mama, Papa, and Betsey.

"I want to make Valentines for each of you."said Teddy.

On Valentine's Day the Bear's mailbox was full of cards Teddy, Mama, Papa, and Betsey had made for each other.

PS: Mama Bear made cookies and they all had extra honeycomb for dinner, too.