Snow Fun

What do you do when the snow is deep?
Do you take to your bed like a mouse and sleep?

Or do you bundle up in lots of clothes
So nothing is seen but your little, pink nose?

And go out to play in the snow and sun
Finding some ways to have lots of fun?

You can slide down a slope on a swift sailing sled.
Steer away from the tree so you don't bump your head.

You can skii across country or swoop down a hill.
Either, you'll find, will give you a thrill.

You can skate on the pond on thick frozen ice
Which is fun even though you fall down once or twice.

You can build an igloo or make a snowman
By rolling up snowballs as big as you can.

When you are tired and cold as the ice
Indoors by the fire you will find something nice.

Popcorn or cookies and cocoa that's hot
Will warm the cold fingers and toes that you got
Out in the snow that is cold, white and deep.
And then you can take to your bed for a sleep.