Halloween Two

A time for fun
A time for fright
A time to play
In the dark of night
At a "Haunted House"
Or going Trick or Treat
Halloween thrills
Can't be beat.

You might meet a Black Cat
Or a Mouse that's a Witch

But you've no need to fear
No matter which

Against the moon light
You may see a Black Cat

Or even catch sight
Of a High Flying Bat.

It's a night to dress up
And go Trick or Treat

To fill up your bag
With things that are sweet.

You may dress like a Mummy
Or a Ghost in a sheet


Or think that a Witch
On a broomstick is neat.

Bobbing for apples
At partys is fun.
You will be lucky
If you capture one.

When you go out on Halloween Night
Walking around in the orange moon light
Don't be surprised at what ever you see
Everything isn't what it seems to be.