Writing Poems

Writing a poem is lots of fun
Why don't you write one too?
It doesn't even have to rhyme
Unless you make it do.
You can write about flowers or dogs or cats
Or zooming on in-line skates.
You can tell about rain on the window pane
Or how mother bakes her cakes.
Here are a few I have written for you.
Why don't you write some for me?
Pick any old topic that comes to mind
And you'll see how much fun it can be.

Mashed Potatos

Mashed potatos are so good to eat
With either a fork or a spoon;
With gravy or butter they cannot be beat.
I hope Mother makes some real soon.

Here is a poem that does not rhyme except once.

Mr Moon

Mr Moon peeks in my window.
I think he likes to see my toys.
Maybe he wishes he had some too.
He could play with them when he isn't at work
making light in the night.

(Did you find the rhyme?)