Circus Clown

The circus, the circus is coming to town.
Oh, how I wish I could be a clown
With big floppy shoes and a bright painted smile
To make poeple laugh for just a short while.

I'd have a small hat with a nid-nodding flower
And an orange umbrella too small for a shower.
My long, baggy pants would be all polka dots
The rouge on my cheeks would be big round red spots.

I might walk on a ball, that would be a good trick,
Or teach a small dog to jump over a stick.
I could ride on a trike or drive a small car
Or juggle some balls high up in the air.


The crowd would all cheer when I came in the ring
Ready to share in the laughter I'd bring.

The circus, the circus is coming to town
Oh, how I WISH I could be a clown.