Back to School with Ted E. Bear

Ted E. Bear was excited. School started soon and he would be in a new grade with Mrs. Brenda Bruin as his teacher.

Ted E. Bear liked riding the school bus.

He liked being with his old friends and meeting new ones.

Mother and Father bought Ted E. his supplies for school.

He had grown so much during the summer that he needed a new raincoat and boots in case of stormy weather.

This year Ted E. hoped that he would get to hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

He wanted to learn about the whole world and the people who lived in different countries.

Uncle Benjamin Bear had traveled all over the world and Ted E. loved hearing the stories he told.

One time Uncle Benjamin had brought him a Mexican hat called a "sombrero". If they studied Mexico, Ted E. would take the sombrero to school for everyone to see and try on. He was sure they would enjoy that.

Ted E. couldn't wait to read all the different books there were in his new classroom.

He knew there were many new and exciting things to learn and he was anxious to get started.

The evening before the First Day of School, Ted E. took a long shower and bath so he'd be extra clean and sweet.

He laid out his school clothes on the chair beside his bed and curled up under the covers to sleep and dream of the first day of the new school year.

It was morning before he knew it and he heard Mother Bear calling him to come and eat his breakfast.

Ted E. had just finished his orange juice when he heard the school bus coming down his street. He grabbed his backpack and ran out of the door, calling "Goodbye" to his mother, father and little sister.

Ted E had promised to read to his sister when he got home from school that afternoon. She would be waiting for him with her favorite book.

Ted E. Bear had a bunch of flowers for Mrs.Brenda Bruin. She was very surprised and pleased to get them.

Mrs.Bruin told the children where to sit and gave each of them a name tag to wear for the first day.

Ted E. knew if he studied hard and learned all he could that next year he would be in