Bearville's Halloween Parade

Ted E. Bear was excited. There was going to be a parade in Bearville to celebrate Halloween. Ted E. had gone Trick or Treating in the past but he had never been in a parade.

Ted E. and his friends all planned to dress up. They asked their mothers to help them with their costumes. They spent a lot of time planning what to wear.


Mr Polar Bear who owned the ice cream parlor, promised an ice cream cone to each cub who marched in the parade.

On the day of the parade all the citizens of Bearville lined up along Main Street to watch.

Here comes the parade.





Brian Bear wasn't IN the parade but he ran along beside it, cheering everyone on.




A reporter from the Bearville Gazette took down the names of all the cubs in the parade to print in the paper.

After the parade and the ice cream cones, everyone walked home admiring the jack-o-lanterns they saw on front porches along the way.