Katy's Book Nook

Since humankind learned to write many types of books have exhisted. Here are as many examples of them as I could find. If I've borrowed any you'd rather I hadn't, email me and I'll return it immediately.
Please transload any gifs you wish to use.

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Small Scrolls

Partly Burned Books

Old Leather Bindings

Antique Books

Antique Books

Black & White Books

Other Black and White Books

Black and White Shelf of Books

Dictionary Stand

Large Tome

Legal Books

Book of Magic

Today's books come in all sizes and colors


Stack of books

Shelf of Books

Blue and White Books

Pile of Books

With Bookend

Between Bookends

Red Books

Pile of Books

Books and Apple

Three Small Books

Two Holding Up One

Tiny Bookshelf

Sepia Books


Books on Red Shelf

Shelf of Books

Reference Books

School Books

An Open Book

3 Books

Colorful Books

Open Dictionary

Webster's Dictionary

More Books

Question Book

Opening Cover

Open book - right

Open Book - left

Horse Head Bookends

Red Book

Books with Apple

Stack of Books

Animated Book

Another Page Turner

More Turning Pages

Small Animated Book

Open Book


Yellow Book

Not the Way to Treat Books!

And now we have disks

A Black Disk

A Blue Disk

Animated Gold Disk

Animated Red Disk

Spinning Disk


Gramma Netiquete Book
(made by Sue FirDarrig)

Photo Album

Open Photo Album

Book and Quill

Red Quill on Book

Scout Reading Badge


A Shelf of Books

Cat Seat?

Open Book

Star-filled Book

Book and Glasses

Books require readers which also come in all shapes

Girl at Reading Desk

Girl on Library Ladder

Child in Large Chair

Reading a Big Book

Girl Reading

Boy Reading

Reading in Comfort

Library Kids

A Cat Reader

Reading in a Red Chair

Mother Reading to Her Children

A Lady Reading

Reading the News

An Unusual Reader

Mouse Reader

An Elf Reading

A House Reading?

Educated Chicken

Fish Reading

Mozilla Reading

Ghoststory Reader

Dragon Reading

Spider keeping up with the news

A Serious Reader

Even Bears Enjoy Reading

Something Reading

I'm Sure I've Seen This Reader Before

News Reader

Kids Reading

The Bare Bones of Reading

Reader in Green

Even Teddybears Read

Apple Reading a Red Book

Apple Reading a Yellow Book

Bookworm Reading

Another Bookworm

Reading in Comfort

News Reader

Gramps Reading

Elf and Worm Reading

Animal Readers

Alien Reading About Our World?

Bunny Reading

Ted E. Bear Enjoying a Book

Reading is Eternal

Boy with a Stack of Books

I hope you have found something useful or amusing in the Book Nook.