Katys Halloween Fun

Halloween is a colourful holiday, I admit that, tho I've never been fond of it. Anything that includes cats can't be all bad and jack-o-lanterns are fun to make and see. So here are my more light hearted Halloween gifs. All have been collected from copyright free sites, to the best of my knowledge, so please feel free to transload and use them.


Cat with Moon    Cat in Pumpkin

Happy Halloween Cat Witch

Cat & Jack-O-Lantern  Cat in Jack-O-Lantern

Trick or Treating Cat

Blinking Black Cat  Cat Trio

Tired Orange Cat  Kitten in Pumpkin

Cat & Cornstalks  Halloween Mailbox

More Cornstalks  Candle & Pumpkins

Cornstalks & Jack-O-Lanterns

Big Orange Moon  Moon & Bat

Pumpkinman    Scarecrow

Scarecrow with Pumpkin  Halloween Balloons

Jacko Engine  Jacko Passenger Car

Jacko faces right  Jacko faces left

Large Jack-O-Lantern  Smiling Jack-O-Lantern

Candy Jack-O-Lantern  Jacko Wearing Hat

Jacko House  Girl & Jack-O-Lantern

Tiny Jack-O-Lanterns Bar

Blinking Jackos Bar  Row of 5 Pumpkins

Jack-O-Lanterns on a Fence

Pumpkin Fence left  Pumpkin Fence right


Haunted House  Haunted House 2

Haunted House 3  Haunted House 4

8 Ghosts & a Jack-O-Lantern Bar

Child Ghost    Chubby Ghost

Trick or Treat Ghost  Another Ghost

Flitting Ghost    Ghost Gives Up

Happy Halloween Bar  Happy Halloween 2

Happy Halloween 3  Happy Halloween 4

Happy Halloween 5  Happy Halloween Jacko

Candy Corn Bar  Candy Corn Bar 2

Witches Broomstick Bar  Goblin Line

Bats On Moons Bar

Any or all of the following "creatures" may show up at your door on Halloween. Be prepaired with lots of treats.

Next Door Kid    Next Planet Kid

Pirate    Shipmate    Pirate 2

Baby Devil    Little Witch

Another witch    Pumpkin Boy

Witch with Treats    Little Mummy

Bat Boy  Scarecrow with Kitten

Witch & Cat  Witch & Jack-O-Lantern

Frog Boy    Queen    Cat Girl

Have a fun Halloween, everyone.