Funny Foods

I have been avoiding animated food gifs all this time and it suddenly occured to me that they'd make a good page all by their silly selves. So here it is and a very long page at that. Dancing, smiling, jiggling and wiggling fruits, vegetables and related comestibles for your enjoyment. To the best of my knowledge all have been gathered from copyright-free sites.
Please transload any you want to use. Thank you.

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Strong Apple    #1 Apple    Silly Apple    Smiling Apple

Green Apple    Sour Apple    Dancing Apple

Walking 'Nanner    Banana Moon    Dude Banana

Half-Peeled    Trio    Waiter    Sexy Lady

Banana Race car    Relaxing Bananas

Happy Berry     Berry With Flower    Shy Berry

Cherry Trio    Smiling Cherry

2 Smiling Cherries    Guitarist Cherry

Raisin Man    Dancing Raisin

Avacado    Kiwi    Coconut

Half Lemon    Sour Lemon    Happy Lemon    Happy Lime

Juicy Oranges    Naval Orange    Orange in Cap

Grinning Orange     Orange Babe    Grinning Orange

Sour Face    Bouncy Orange

Lady Pear    Sad Pear    Animated Pineapple

Pineapple with Lei    Pineapple with Uke

Smiling Broccoli    Broccoli Athlete

Studious Beet    Graduate Beet

Strongman    Clueless    Crooked

Running    Grinning    Laughing

Racer #5    Baby Carrot    Girl Carrot

Celery with Shovel    Smiling Celery

Happy Corn    Silly Corn    Running Corn

Dancing Corn    Another Dancer    Two Eggplants

Eggplant 1    Eggplant 2    Eggplant 3

Mr Mushroom    Howdy Mushroom    Gramps Mushroom

Sweethearts    Father and Son    Flirty

Crying Onion    Miss Onion    Smiling Onion

Onion Smiles    Scallion    Green Onion

Well-dressed Onion    Onion on High Heels

Yawning Pepper    Smiling Red and Green Peppers

Lazy Chili Pepper    Dancing Chili Peppers    Seņor Pepper

Mr Potato    TV Watcher    Dancing Potatos

Smiling Potato    Couch Potato    Chef Potato

Relaxed Potato    Pilgrim Potatos    Irish Potato

Mr Tomato    Dancing Tomato    Ms Tomato

Party Tomato    Jumping Tomato

Mr Tomato and Ms Lettuce

Waving Bagel    Smiling Crescent Roll    Smiling slice

Retiring Slice    Cross-eyes Croissant     Loafing Loaf

Delicious Cake    Frenetic Cake    Dancing Cake

Smiling Cupcakes    Blinking Pastries

Salt    Seasonings    Pepper

Peanut    Peanut Butter    Pretzel Trio

Scared Egg    Mr Egg    Egg Substitute

Swiss Cheese    Gouda Cheese

Fries    Fries and Drink

Dancing Pickles    Pickle

Burger    Burger and Drink    Smiling Bun

Standing Hot Dog    Smiling Hot Dog    Singing Hot Dog

Hot Dog Angel    Baseball Player Hot Dog

Hot Dog Superman

Waiter Fish    Patron Fish    Waitress Fish

Smiling Fish    Fish & Lemon    Smelly Fish

Fish Ready to Eat

Violin Playing Lobster    Lobster Ready to Eat

Dancing Lobster    Lobster with Wine

Roman Meatball    Pizza    Turkey

Milk Drinking Milk    Wild Orange Juice    Smiling Ice Cube

Walking Pop Can    Three Drinks    Loving Pop Cans

Smiling Glass    Blowing Glass    Yummy Glass


Coffee Pot    Strong Coffee    Coffee Pot 2

Tea Kettle    Tea Bag    Teapot

Waving M&M    M&M Plays Sax    

M&M Chef    M&M Folks    Dancing M&M

Blinking Lollypop    Lollypop

Hershey's Kiss    Marshmallow  Candy Corn

Cane on Skates  Cane Walking  Cane Dancing

Icecream Cone    Birthday Party    Icecream Cone 2