More WhimseysI enjoy searching out these gifs and transloading them to present for your pleasure. Please transload those you wish to use.

Updated Aug.17.2004

Classic table lamp    Adjustable lamp

Oriental lamp    Transparent shaded lamp

Lava Lamp    Lantern    Elegant lamp

Tiffany Shade lamp

Spotlights (right)    Spotlights (left)

(a lamp we could each use sometime...)

A large canoe

Doorknocker  Radar scope  Cactus

(always handy item)

Campfire  Lighted match  Incense

Treasure Chest  Crown  Jeweled Artifact

Gold Masks  Roman coin  King Tut

Sparkling Globe  Crystal Carriage  Globe2

Gavel  Wrench  Pipe wrench

Red dragon  Pan and pipe  Centaur

Coke Machine  Fireman  Gas Pump

(for flying, not porch sitting)

Hot Tub    Bubbles    Rainy Day

Drinking Worm    Laughter    Sunbather Turtle

Watch    Physics Proof    Spirograph

Sun Catcher

Gone Fishin'    Sailboat    Starfish

Couch Potato    Buddha    Scuba Diver

Caveman    Cave Couple    Handprint

Balloons    More Balloons

Covered Wagon    Saw    Sheriff's Badge

Pearls    Jewels    More Jewels

Airplane    Mailbag    Mailman

Another Mailman    Ballerina

Barberpole    Telescope

Mushroom    Food Basket

Carrousel Lion    Bagpiper    Huggers

Feather    Pan

Griffon    Griffon 2    Griffon 3

(always knew it, didn't you)

Tropic Isle (economy size)

Anyone for Skiing?


Found inside the above?

Too exciting for me

A Bird to watchout for

Cherubs    Ruby Slippers

Wave    Waterlily

Wonder Woman

Paddleball    Rubiks Cube    Pinwheel

Blinking Star    Dancing Star

Native American War Bonnet

Dream Catcher    Dream Catcher 2

Dagger    Gold Dragon    Shield

A nice spot to end the tour.

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