The Loving Pup

By Phyllis Beebe

The floor lamp is lying on it's side.
Marylin's shoelaces are untied.
There's newspaper spread on the kitchen floor
And a chewed up slipper behind the door.
But everyone's spirits are lifted up.
Why? You guessed it. We've got a pup.

She's mostly eyes, long legs, and hair.
She cries when she thinks that no one's there
And greets us by wildly licking our faces
When we come back from going places.
Mom said she absolutely would not put up
With another dog... till she saw the pup.

Somehow a dog isn't quite the same
As a puppy you chose and give a name.
Everyone's happy at our house now.
(Mom wanted new rugs, anyhow.)
Dad doesn't care if his paper is torn up
When his arms are full of a wriggling pup.

She's just a bark and a ball of fur
But our whole family's in love with her.
We kids don't like to fight and fuss
It makes her worry so about us.
So all our quarrels have been made up
Since we brought home our "loving pup"