4 AM

It's four AM
Words flow from my pen
Poured from my brain
As if predawn raises the chain
That blocks them in sunny day.

From deep within
Thoughts rise and then
Unless expressed
Disturb my rest
These words I need to say.

And so I write
Thru dying night
Words scarcely seen
Unsure they mean
What they are meant to say

Then cap the pen
And turn again
To my broken sleep
As dawn glows creep
Again to full light of day.

Multiple Me

Multiple me
On Webtv
When I log on
I can choose to be
Any one of three
Beside my off line name.

It's rather fun
To be more than one
With dash and elan
Tho each one is me
They act diferently
Playing the on line game.

At evening's end
I return again
From where I've gone
Back to be
Non-multiple me
A plain Real World dame.