Katy's Kupboard

I turned out my kitchen kupboards to find all the items that might come in handy to cooks and housekeepers. Please feel free to transload any you need. Or if you see one of yours that I picked up by mistake at a church supper, let me know and I'll return it.

Feb.27, 2004. I've finally unpacked all those yardsale purchases and fitted them into the kupboard. Had to rearrange things to do it so if you don't see something in its usual place, keep looking. I didn't move it far.

Bowl Set    Blue Bowl and Spices    Another Bowl

2 Bowls    Blue and White Bowl    Large Bowls

Copper Bowls    Gingerbread Boy's Bowl

Wooden Bowls    Wooden Salad Set

Glasses    Punch Set    Goblets

Coffee Grinder    Tea Kettle    Teapot

Red Apple Teapot    White Teapot    Another Teapot

Teacup    Dishes    More Dishes

Soup Tureen

Coffeepot    Coffee Mug    Coffeemaker

Copper Pan    Frying Pans

Saute Pan

Pots and Pans    More Pots and Pans

Roasting Pan    Large Pan    Wok

Cast Iron Dutchoven    Dutchoven    

Canner    Pressure Cooker

Red Dutchoven

Breadboard    Butcher Knife    Cleaver

Colander   Spoon Jar    Grater

Cooking Utensils    Eggbeater

Rollingpin    Rollingpin Bar

Tree Cookycutter    Electric Mixer    Star Cookycutter

Recipe Box    Measuring Spoons    Spatula

Bundt Pan    Whisk

Bowls, Sugar, and Flour

Canisters    Cookie Jar

Utensils Bar    Wooden Utensils Bar

Shelves of Food    Kitchen Cabinet

Oven Mitts    Potholder Bar

Kitchen Towels    Paper Towels

Maiden Clock    Timer    Egg Timer

Patriotic Lunchpail    Meat Grinder

Meat Thermometer    Pepper Mill

Coke Tray    Silver Chest

Toaster    Toaster Oven

Waffle Iron    Sandwich Toaster

Can Opener    Can Opener 2    Juicer

Blender    Another Blender

Microwave Oven    Another Microwave Oven

Ice Cream Freezer    Ice Cream Scoop

Light Bulb    Bug Bulbs

Iron    Ironing Board

Floor Fan    Table Fan

Emergency Light    Flashlight    Oil Lamp

Upright Cleaner    Broom and Mop    Tank Cleaner

Feel this way?

Hire Suzie Housekeeper

For more help, here are

A Baker    Another Baker    A Cook

A Butler    A Snooty Butler

Another Cleaning Lady

Laundry Basket    Washer and Dryer

Sink    Another Sink

Fire Extinguisher    Stove    Antique Stove

Refrigerator    Freezer    Dishwasher

Trash Can    Trash Compactor

Table and Chairs    Cafe Table and Chairs

Stool    Extra Chair    Step Stool