Katy's Santa Kollection

More shapes and sizes of Santa gifs.
To the best of my knowledge, all have been
gathered from copyright-free sites.
Please transload to use.
Thank you.

Reload after Aug.6,2004

Santa Heads

Hooded Santa    Hooded with Holly

Small Head    Big Beard

Finger Aside Nose    Green Mittens

Smoking a Pipe    Smiling Santa

Looks at You    Faces Left

Santa on Holly    Santa Head

Star Santa    Santa in Chimney

Santa with Presents    Holly Crown

Old Style Santa    Antique Santa

Painting a Soldier    Holding a Candle

Wearing Red Gloves    Wearing Blue Hood

Filling Socks    Another Hooded Santa

Santa at Computer

Santa Has Lists

A Short List    A Long List

Santa Making Notes    Santa with Book

A Very Long List    A Short List

Another Long List    Long List Again

Santa and Elves with List

Checking a Long List    Long List Again

With a short List    Short Santa, short List

Girl With Long List for Santa

And He Gets Letters

Talks with Boy    Talks with Girl

Santa's Been Around A Long Time

The Bishop    From Sweden

Antique Santa    Antique Santa 2

Old Fashioned Santa    Different Santa

On Horseback    Santa with a Lantern

Santa with Violin    Santa in Blue

Santa in Brown    Small Santa in Green

Santa in Green    Santa Comes In

Old Santa with Toys    Antique Santa

Santa Flies High

Over the Roof    Up, Up, and Away

Around the World    Over the Globe

High in the Clouds    1 Deer Sleigh

2 Deer Sleigh    4 Deer Sleigh

6 Deer Sleigh    Steep Takeoff

8 Deer Sleigh    Ready to Parade

Santa in Sleigh    Santa in Sleigh 2

Maroon Deer and Santa with Green Sleigh

Santa Off Duty

Guitarist    Horn Player    Dancer

Skater    Oops Santa    Ha Ha

Relaxing    Good Night    Collapsed

Leaving on Vacation    Playing Golf

Ready for Fun    Relaxing on a Raft

Line Dance with Deer    On the Beach

Under the Palm Tree    Diving Santa

Playing with Racecars    Making Music

Santa Dancing with Deer and Elf

Santa Exercising

Don't worry. Santa will be back at the North Pole in plenty of time to get ready for next Christmas.