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Latest updates, February, 2008

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Katy's Civil War Tale

A soldier and his family between 1861 and 1865

Other Soldier's Letters

Read some of

Katy's Tales

February 18, 2008, new index and new tales.

Illustrating her occasional flashes of literary creativity has produced

Katy's Poetry Korner

New poems, Aug.26,2004

Especially for children,

Katy's Kid's Korner

Sept.20.2004, new poem and story

Welcome to Katy's Circus

New March 23, 2004

Katy's Valentine Gifs

New January 14, 2008

Katy's Easter Gifs

Reopened Feb. 15, 2004

Katy's Squirrel Nest

Updated Feb.16.2004

Katy's Springtime Gifs

Updated Feb/21.2004

Katy's Kristmas Gifs

New August 2004

Katy's Kristmas Kritters

NEW Nov. 12, 2004

Katy's Fall Decorations

Changed March 28, 2004

Katy's Halloween Fun

Sept.18, 2004

Katy's Konfectionary

Updated Feb.17,2004

Katy's Flower Kart

Updated Feb.28,2004

Summer Fun

Updated March 18, 2004

More Summer Fun

New March 28, 2004

Katy's Fans

Updated Aug. 17, 2004

Recipes in

Katy's Kitchen

Next to the kitchen is

Katy's Pantry

Updated March 4, 2004

Funny Food

Silly and animated food gifs.

New March 9, 2004

Katy's Kupboard

Updated Feb.27,2004

Katy's Book Nook

gifs of books and readers

Updated Aug.18,2004

Searching for mouse gifs, widely scattered in twos, threes, and small collections, resulted in

Merely Mice

Page 3, More Merely Mice

Updated August 2004.

Katy's Frogs & Toads

Updated Aug.18, 2004

Katy's Kolossal Kollection

of favorite lines.

Updated Feb.9,2004.

Access the Attic (new Feb. 23, '04) through

and see the odds and ends in

Katy's Kloset

Come meet Katy's Kritters

Updated Feb.18, 2004

Katy's Whimseys

Updated Aug.17,2004

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