Diary for May and last letter

United States Sanitary Commission
City Point, April 17/65
Ward E
5 Corp Hospital
City Point, Va.
Dear Companion,
I am this afternoon permitted through the mercy of God to try to penn a few lines to you. as i feel today, i want to ingage my mind some way, so I am found trying to write to you. perhaps you will not thank me for so many simple scribbled letters, but you will have to bare with me untill i get a letter from you, and if you are sick of so much noncence writing, you must write and tell me and i will try and do better.
but suffer me to write this today.
Well, Electa, i am in good quarters here, but i know not how long i may stay here. perhaps i may stay quite a number of days. they feed me an extra diet and fetch it into the Ward to me. it is soft bread, tea, meat, and potatoes and some times rice, and puddings and enough of it, so far, they are also doping me with medison. my feet and limbs swell quite bad and this pain in my side affects me considerable and to say the least i am a poor stick. but i shall try hard to take care of No. one and try to suffer through. I am sorry that you have such a poor stick for a husband, but I cant help it now but perhaps there is better days comming. let us hope for the better.
This is a very pleasant warm day but everything looks so gloomy that i feel some what lonesome. It is mostly on the account of the sad news of the Sasanation of our President, and most every whare we see sines of mourning, our flags half masted and as I have stated on the little scrip that i pensille last night, that i will inclose in this, you will ofcorse hear of the hole afair long before you git this, so it is useless for me to write in regard to information though the most of the soldiers feel that this shock is hard. there is a cannon fired once every minute all day. it is called the salute of mourning. these guns are fired off here at the Point and we can hear the guns at Richmond. thus it has been suffered to happen to us,

Tuesday morning, the 18th
and thank God for the blessing granted me and I feel quite well this morning save this pain in my side, it bothers me about lying down so i sit and stand or walk around the most of my time but i think the medison i am taking does me good. I would like rite well to be at home to help you about the spring work but this cant be so you must make the best of it you can but dont calculate to work much out doors yourself. I think now that I shall know how to apreciate home and its blessing, if I am permited to return. may God grant it and also grant the blessing of health and comfort to my little family. No more this time. you will find my post adress at the heading of this.
Yours truly
A Wilcox

May 1865

Saturday 13 Mostly clear and cool. I learn that Jeff Davis is caught with his gang and wagon train.

Sunday 14 a pleasant sabbath. had a good deal to to today in ward 16 to fix up for inspection. I went to church in afternoon. heard a good sermon from verce 21 of Matthew 25

Monday 15 A very pleasant day. I got a pass and went to Carver H(ospital) and see my Brother Edwin and then went over a part of Washington City and returned to my quarters at sundown.

Tuesday 16 Warm and pleasant. rec'd a letter from Brother Edwin. I caught cold and do not feel verry well today.

Wedensday 17 Verry warm and clear. quite out of health today with a pain in my side. one man died today from the effects of a wound rec(eived) the 30th of March. A Mr. Ives of Allegany county, NY>

Thursday 18 Verry warm in the PM a heavy shower. bought a dress coat for 2 dollars. some men were transfered to their own states and a few discharged today.

Uncle Gus returned to his Dear Companion, fathered two more children, and lived to be 82.