Ted E. Bear's Christmas Party

Ted E. Bear loved Christmas time. Every year he invited all his family and friends to a party on Christmas Eve. He hung a wreath on the front door to welcome them.

Some of his friends came by sled.

And some came skating across the river to join the party.


Some of them helped trim an outdoors tree.

Some of them practiced singing carols.

Mother Bear had baked lots of cookies. Ted E.'s sister Betty Bear had helped decorate them.

Father Bear had gone to the woods earlier in the day to chop down and bring home a tree for inside the house.

Ted E. had checked all the strings of lights to be sure they were working properly.

The little Bears helped decorate the tree with ornaments carefully saved from years past.

When the party started, Father Bear dressed up as Santa Claus and handed out presents to everyone.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Betsey Bear brought their new baby to the party.


Patty, Polly, and Pam Bear dressed up like angels and sang "Away in a Manger".

Bobby Bear wore his new sweater and Betty Bear wore her new pink dress.


Tom and Tim wore Santa hats and red scarfs.


Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Except Joey Bear who sat in a corner and ate a whole jar of honey all by himself.

At bedtime they all hung up their stockings for Santa to fill.

Then they hurried off to bed and to sleep.


In the morning they found many wonderful things under the Christmas tree.

Ted E. Bear, his family and friends wish everyone a Christmas as merry and happy as theirs.