Backyard Zoo Part IV

His Eminence

by Phyllis Beebe

His Eminence, in crimson garb,
has just flown in to dine.
Displacing lesser creatures
who came before his time.
With stately tread and shrewd black eye
He surveys the proffered fare
As if to say,"For such as I
There should be better there."
He picks with care from out the feast
The choicest bits he sees.
Then flys away, his blessing said
In sharp, shrill Cardinal speech.

Oh, Squirrel, Grey Squirrel

by Phyllis Beebe

My question.

What are you doing, oh squirrel, grey squirrel,
Dashing around the lawn
With a mouth full of grass and a big green leaf
That last night's wind blew down?
You don't eat those, oh squirrel, grey squirrel,
Nuts and such are your food.
You're a young squirrel, yes, but you must have learned
The things that squirrels find good.

His reply

It's my bed I'm making, I'll have you know,
For the winter is soon to come.
Mother Nature taught me what to do
So I'll be safe and warm.
I stock my larder with nuts in the fall
And thickly line my nest,
So I'm well fed all the winter long,
And snug in the tree top's crest.

My apology

I'm sorry I asked, oh squirrel, grey squirrel.
You know just what you're about.
Mother Nature cares for her Innocents best,
Of that I have no doubt.